— Published 7 January 2022

Britain and Ireland review their plans

World Cup

Surprise. Britain and Ireland, long-term partners in a bid to host the World Cup in 2030, are reportedly ready to abandon their project…  to concentrate on another. They would now be more in favour of a bid for Euro 2028. This new strategy would be the result of a feasibility study carried out by the English Football Association and financed by the British government. Its conclusions would suggest that the chances of success of a five-nation bid (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland) would be lower than expected. Faced with competition, notably from South America (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay) and Europe (Spain and Portugal on the one hand, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia on the other), Britain and Ireland’s bid would not necessarily be the favourite. Faced with the real risk of failure, the British camp could quickly turn to Euro 2028 instead. The bidding documents for the 2030 World Cup must be submitted to the FIFA Council before the next Congress meeting, scheduled for 31 March.