— Published 29 March 2023

Brigitte Henriques wants an IOC audit

The crisis is still not over at the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF). But it has invited a new player: the IOC. CNOSF president Brigitte Henriques (pictured above) said earlier this week that she had asked the Olympic body to conduct an internal audit. The aim is to “put an end” to the cabal of which the former vice-president of the French Football Federation (FFF) considers herself to be a victim for several months. “I have decided to refer the matter to the IOC so that it can carry out an internal audit and put an end to all this. The idea is for dialogue to resume within the CNOSF,” she told AFP. The national body celebrated its 50th anniversary on Tuesday 28 March, a ceremony marked by the absence of several key figures from the French Olympic movement, including former CNOSF president Denis Masseglia and one of the four French IOC members, Guy Drut. Both men were on the guest list. But they abstained, after sending a letter to the presidents of the sports federations to explain their position. The text suggests that “since we were not called to testify beforehand, we will not be witnesses to an operation that is much more about communication than about the history in which they were actors“. As a reminder, the crisis at the CNOSF began last year with the dismissal of the former secretary general, Didier Séminet. After a break of several weeks, Brigitte Henriques returned to her full role at the end of last year. She recently met two of the French IOC members, David Lappartient and Jean-Christophe Rolland. “They need to know that the CNOSF is running smoothly, that there is serenity,” explained Brigitte Henriques, quoted by AFP.