— Published 16 December 2022

Brigitte Henriques paid it all back

Brigitte Henriques is back in business. The president of the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF), who sent back for the past two months to recover physically and mentally from her conflict with the former secretary general, Didier Séminet, led the board of directors of the body on Thursday 15 December. The former international footballer told the media after the meeting: “If I came back, it’s because I’m at 100% of my capacity. So I feel good”. The last board meeting of the year, was marked by the presentation of an audit of the CNOSF’s accounts after Mediapart revealed that Brigitte Henriques’ daughter’s taxi expenses had been reimbursed by the body. The president of the CNOSF had then invoked accounting errors. The errors concerned not only taxi expenses, but also double billing and expenses for which receipts were missing, according to an internal document consulted by AFP. In total, the error would amount to the sum of 4,184 euros. “These are expenses that were sometimes incurred without really knowing whether it was the CNOSF’s responsibility to pay them, and each time we decided against the president so that there would be no problem,” said Michel Callot, the treasurer of the CNOSF, who is also president of the French Cycling Federation (FFC). According to a source close to the case, Brigitte Henriques has reimbursed the entire amount.