— Published 6 October 2023

BPCE will have to sort out

As the first premium partner of the COJO Paris 2024, and official sponsor of the torch relay, the BPCE banking group has done its sums. Launched on June 1, its recruitment campaign for the 900 future Olympic torchbearers has exceeded expectations. By September 30, the end of the application period, over 55,000 people had applied. The number of disappointed applicants promises to be colossal, as the group’s two banking networks – Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne – will ultimately retain 900 torchbearers. Their names will be announced in mid-January, following a draw for pre-selected candidates in early October. The list of pre-selected applicants will then be forwarded to the Paris 2024 OCOG for analysis and validation. The relayers will be chosen from among BPCE’s customers, members and employees, as well as athletes and the general public.