— Published 2 May 2023

Benoît Payan drops a date

Impatient, Benoît Payan. The mayor of Marseille announced on his Twitter account, Sunday, April 30, that the flame of the Paris 2024 Games will land in France on May 8, 2024. “See you on May 8, 2024 for the arrival of the Olympic flame in Marseille,” said the first elected official of the Provencal city. The organizing committee had already announced, last February, that the torch, left Greece, would join France by boat, by the Mediterranean, to accost in Marseille. But Benoît Payan revealed the precise date, May 8. And he revealed some details. “A great popular party will be organized on the Old Port to celebrate together the greatest sporting competition in the world and the thousand-year-old history of the foundation of our city !” he added. The complete route of the Olympic flame will be unveiled by the OCOG on the occasion of the next Olympic Day, on June 23. The announcement is planned in the amphitheater of the Sorbonne. The relay should cross about sixty territories before arriving in Paris on July 14th, twelve days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.