— Published 9 May 2022

Benelux strikes twice

Double success for the Benelux. Last weekend in Munich, the Council of the European Athletics Association awarded two events to the Netherlands and Belgium in one go. The European Indoor Championships in 2025 will be held in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. The provisional dates for the competition are 13-16 March 2025. This will be the third time in history that the Netherlands has hosted the Euro Indoor Championships, following Rotterdam in 1972 and The Hague in 1989. More recently, the country hosted the European Outdoor Championships in Amsterdam in 2016 and the Cross Country Championships in 2018 in Tilburg. The next edition of the European Indoor Championships is scheduled for 2-5 March 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. Belgium, for its part, has been awarded the organisation of the European cross-country championships in 2023. They will be held in Brussels. The Belgian capital had already hosted the continental event in 2008. Four years earlier, it had hosted the World Cross Country Championships.