— Published 14 June 2021

Australia’s women feel like time is passing slowly

Australia softball team

The Australian softball team, the first foreign delegation to arrive in Japan before the Tokyo Games, has been experimenting with life in a sanitary bubble for nearly two weeks. To date, the team has not recorded any COVID-19 cases, but its head coach makes no mystery of it: isolation measures imposed by the authorities are making daily life very monotonous. Laing Harrow told AFP that the players spend long hours in front of Netflix and in the gym in their hotel, trying to kill time. “Anything to break the boredom, because there is a lot of downtime,” said the Australian coach. “This can be a serious challenge for athletes who are not prepared. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to be able to stay on the field for five or six hours a day, for matches or training. It takes up a good part of the day”. Since arriving in the city of Ota, their base camp before heading to the Olympic Village in Tokyo, the Australians have had no contact with the Japanese, except for the officials who come to their hotel each morning to carry out coronavirus tests.