— Published 23 August 2023

ATP reinvents the guaranteed minimum income

A revolution, no less. On Tuesday 22 August, the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) announced the introduction of a minimum income for the world’s top 250 players from next year. The amount will depend on their ranking and will be based on the principle of supplementing tournament winnings. The ATP will top up the earnings of players in the Top 100 by 300,000 dollars, those ranked between 101st and 175th by 150,000 dollars, and those ranked up to 250th by 75,000 dollars. Under this system, tennis professionals will be guaranteed a minimum income for each season on the circuit. In addition, the association will provide financial assistance to players who are unable to play at least nine tournaments in a season on the ATP or Challenger Tours due to injury or prolonged downtime. These grants will also be linked to the player’s ranking: $200,000 for a member of the world’s Top 100, then $100,000 (101/175), and $50,000 (176/250). The last innovation announced by the ATP as part of this Baseline programme is an advance on earnings for players entering the Top 125 for the first time. They will amount to $200,000, a sum paid in advance of the following season and then reimbursed by tournament winnings. Commented Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, a member of the ATP Players’ Advisory Council: “This programme is a game-changer. Knowing that we have a safety net through the minimum guarantee and injury protection pillars gives us peace of mind, allowing us to focus on our game and strive for success.