— Published 16 August 2022

Athletics believes in multisport

Will athletics leave the European Multi-sport Championships? European Athletics (EA), the discipline’s continental body, had announced its decision to regain its independence in the future even before the start of the 2022 edition in Munich (11 to 21 August). But her departure no longer seems quite so certain. When asked by FrancsJeux, European Athletics confirmed that it already had “two strong bids to host the 2026 European Athletics Championships in autonomous mode”. But the body added: “With our partners, we firmly believe in the values of the multi-sport concept. We would not be here in this magnificent Olympiapark stadium in Munich, alongside the other sports, if we did not believe in it. After two editions of the European Multisport Championships, it is time for European Athletics to carefully analyse the results and reflect on how to approach the future.” That said, “EA firmly believes in the values of a multi-sport event, also imagining some evolutions to the current formula.” The message is clear: athletics is not closing the door completely. The discipline could remain associated with the next European multi-sport championships, but under certain conditions.