— Published 15 September 2023

Athletes won’t lose everything

Their participation in the Paris 2024 Games still remains hypothetical, but Russian athletes now know that they won’t lose everything next year. The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has announced its intention to provide financial support to potential Olympic hopefuls to compensate for their absence from international competitions. ROC president Stanislav Pozdnyakov explained that he had asked his department to draw up a document setting out the details of the financial compensation. “It will concern all athletes potentially involved in the Games, as well as those who have been prevented from taking part in international competitions because they refused, for moral reasons, to sign documents condemning the Russian military operation in Ukraine, explained Stanislav Pozdnyakov. Payments will be made from the beginning of next year to athletes taking part in summer sports.” The financial compensation awarded by the ROC is expected to be between 500,000 roubles (around $5,200) and 250,000 roubles ($2,600) for sporting performance. However, a lump sum of 150,000 roubles ($1,560) will be paid to all athletes on the Olympic team who continue to train, including those authorised to take part in international competitions.