— Published 13 September 2023

Athletes with a grant strike gold

The IOC loves figures. The latest version of its recently published annual Olympic Solidarity report is full of them. In 2022, the body explains that it distributed 429 Olympic scholarships for the Beijing Winter Games. More than half of the bursary recipients, 236 athletes, qualified for the event, winning ten medals, three of them gold. The annual report also presents the launch of the Olympic bursary programme for the Paris 2024 Games. It is proving to be massive, with 1,146 individual bursaries awarded by the end of 2022. These scholarships will be awarded to athletes from 145 National Olympic Committees, representing more than 70% of all the countries expected to take part in the next Summer Games. As the IOC points out in a press release, Olympic Solidarity also focused on its primary function of solidarity in 2022. In particular, it has set up a $7.5 million aid and support fund for the Ukrainian Olympic community and sports movement.