— Published 31 May 2022

Athletes earn places

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is reforming its governance. With a new guideline: athlete representation. At its last meeting, WADA’s Foundation Board unanimously approved a near doubling of the number of athletes on its various bodies, with the Athletes’ Council increasing from 12 to 20 members. The Council will be responsible for representing, supporting and promoting athletes’ voices on anti-doping issues. It will also allow them to occupy important seats in WADA’s governing bodies. In detail, the Chair of the Athletes’ Council will sit on WADA’s Executive Committee, two members will sit on the Foundation Board, and the Athletes’ Council will appoint representatives to other WADA bodies. Another new feature is that the athletes’ representatives will be elected or appointed by their peers. A first group of five athletes will be selected by the IOC and IPC Athletes’ Commissions; a second group of eight athletes will be elected by the Athletes’ Commissions of the international federations; and the remaining seven members will be selected by a nomination panel consisting of a majority of athletes, to fill the gaps in expertise and diversity. The nomination process will start on 31 May and end on 1 September 2022.