— Published 30 October 2023

Asia joins the elite

World Athletics goes all out for indoor events. Athletics’ world governing body has unveiled the calendar and details of the international indoor meeting circuit for 2024. For the second season running, it includes over 50 stages. While the World Tour had just seven meetings in 2020, next year it will offer meetings in 20 countries, in Europe, North America and Asia. The circuit kicks off on December 29 in Pamplona, Spain, and ends on February 24 in Rouen, France. At the top of the pyramid, the World Tour will feature seven “Gold” meetings (pictured above), including the first in Asia. This will take place on January 27 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Each of the seven meetings in this highest category will distribute at least $7,000 in prize money for each individual discipline, including $3,000 to the winner.