— Published 12 April 2022

Aragon moves forward


The Spanish are moving forward in the race for the Winter Games in 2030. Their march is proving to be rather disorderly, but they are moving forward. After snubbing the last meeting of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), where the distribution of sports disciplines in the Barcelona/Pyrenees 2030 project was to be decided, the region of Aragon has taken a step forward. It has proposed a map of venues, which it believes is more in line with a balance with Catalonia. In the initial proposal, alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing and ski mountaineering competitions would be held in Catalonia, as would ice hockey, which was planned for Barcelona. Aragon, for its part, would inherit the biathlon, curling and skating (figure, speed and short-track). Unfair and unbalanced, Aragon judged. Its alternative project, presented to EOC president Alejandro Blanco by Felipe Faci, the regional minister for education, culture and sport, proposed that cross-country and alpine skiing be shared between Catalonia and Aragon. Snowboarding and biathlon would take place in Aragon, while Catalonia would host freestyle and ski mountaineering. On the ice side, Aragon proposed to keep figure skating, short-track and curling, leaving ice hockey and speed skating to Catalonia. Faced with these two projects, the Spanish Olympic Committee will have to decide, or at least find a compromise that satisfies both parties. This will not be easy. The Olympic body announced in a press release that a new meeting would be held in the next few days to draw up a definitive map of the venues.