— Published 30 March 2023

Applicants are on the rise

Fact or fiction? According to Christophe Dubi, the executive director of the Olympic Games at the IOC, the campaign for the Winter Games in 2030 would currently be the subject of a “renewed interest“. Questioned in a press conference at the end of the second day of the executive board meeting, the Swiss assured that “a number of parties had come to the table.” But he did not specify how many, nor did he reveal the names of these new applicants, declared or potential. Still according to Christophe Dubi, a report was presented by Octavian Morariu, the president of the commission of the future host of the Winter Games, on the state of the campaign after the decision of the IOC to postpone the award of the Winter Games to the session of July 2024. The report in question reveals an increase in the number of interested cities or regions. Cool. But with the exception of Sweden, whose bid is officially under consideration, no country has yet openly expressed interest in hosting the Winter Games in 2030. Time is running out. But Christophe Dubi is reassuring. “If you look at the parties that come to the table at this stage, they are very mature winter markets,” he explained in response to a question from GamesBids.com. So I’m not worried about the timing, knowing that we’ll be going to a region or a country that has the infrastructure and is used to hosting high-level events, World Cups or World Championships. So we are not pressed for time for the election.” The host city for the 2030 Winter Games is expected to be known at the IOC session in conjunction with the Paris 2024 Games, less than six years before the event. In comparison, the IOC awarded the 2028 Summer Games to Los Angeles eleven years in advance, and the 2032 Games to Brisbane also eleven years in advance.