— Published 19 April 2023

Andrew Liveris unveils his vision

Brisbane and Australia are still more than nine years away from the 2032 Summer Games, but organizing committee chairman Andrew Liveris (pictured above) is not afraid to reveal his vision for the Olympic and Paralympic event now. Appointed a year ago, the former boss of the Dow Chemical Company – a former global partner of the IOC – took advantage of the general assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Oceania, organized this week, to outline what the Games will be in Queensland in 2032. “A year in, I see we’ll use the best of Barcelona and the best of London, but we are developing something which actually is going to be very unique and hopefully seen as very much us,” said Andrew Liveris to the Associated Press. The Australian leader, who will celebrate next month his 69 years, also intends to propose a synthesis of the two editions of the Games organized in Australia, in Melbourne in 1956 then in Sydney in 2000. “We’ll blend a Melbourne, which was an urban games, to a Sydney, which was a warm, hospitable beautiful environment games,” he explained to the Olympic Committees of Oceania. “We can be both, because we’re recreating our center. The center of this city will be nothing like it is now. This is a very livable city, but (the Olympics) will make it a livable city for the 21st century.