— Published 12 September 2022

An unlikely trio for the 2030 World Cup

World Cup

The campaign to award the World Cup in 2030 is gaining momentum. This is to be expected. But it is also full of surprises. After the already advanced bids from Spain and Portugal for Europe, and the South American quartet of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, a third bid could soon join the race. A first: it concerns several continents. Egypt announced at the end of last week that it was in discussions with Greece and Saudi Arabia to present a joint bid. “The three countries are working hard,” a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Sport and Youth told DMC television. Egypt will be one of the best host countries. At this stage, the potential file prepared by the three countries is only at a feasibility study stage. But it promises to be complex, with three countries from different continents. FIFA is due to announce the host country or countries for the 2030 World Cup in 2024.