— Published 14 April 2021

An open letter to candidates for the presidency of the CNOSF

Unprecedented. Eight presidents of national sports federations, including some newly elected, co-signed an open letter to candidates for election to the presidency of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). It was sent on Tuesday, April 13th. On the eve of the symbolic date of D-100 before the Tokyo Games, the signatories of the document question the four postulants to the succession of Denis Masseglia – Emmanuelle Bonnet-Oulaldj, Brigitte Henriques, Patrice Martin and Thierry Rey – on the “reasons true of their commitment, their vision, the results of their last years and finally their program”. They explained that they did not want to side with either of the applicants without having their questions answered. There is nothing superficial about the document, of which FrancsJeux is aware. It lists no less than 13 questions, linked to the health crisis (How do you see the end of the crisis and how do you plan to support the federations?), To governance (What governance will you put in place at the CNOSF to work differently with the federations, to make sure that everyone feels at home and that all the debates can take place calmly and efficiently?), to the environment (How will you engage French sport in an essential ecological transition?), but also to the digital revolution (How will the CNOSF, under your chairmanship, understand innovation, research & development, digitalisation, the change in practices?), or even after Paris 2024 (How and with who will you build a real tangible and intangible legacy of the 2024 Games?). In first place of the signatories, Cédric Gosse, the new president of the French Triathlon Federation. With him, seven other presidents of Olympic federations: Pascal Grizot for golf, Jacques Lajuncomme for surfing, Gilles Moretton for tennis, Lionel Lacaze for wrestling, Yohan Penel for badminton, Hassane Sadok for taekwondo, and Gilles Sezionale for swimming. “Your answers to these questions will give a clear direction to your application. We hope that other players in French sport will also question you to allow an informed choice“, conclude the signatories. The election for the presidency of the CNOSF is scheduled for June 29th, 2021.