— Published 21 September 2021

An online summit for the World Cup every other year

World Cup

FIFA continues to patiently keep moving with its plans for a World Cup every two years. The body has announced in a press release that it will soon be organising an online summit to consult its member associations, on September 30th, 2021. It will be, according to FIFA, “one of many opportunities to establish an open and constructive debate at global and regional level over the coming months”. According to the body chaired by Gianni Infantino, there is currently a “broad consensus within football on the need to revise and improve the international match calendar.” Certainly. But the project of a World Cup every other year, prepared by Arsène Wenger, who is now in charge of football development at FIFA, has raised UEFA and CONMEBOL’s hostility. FIFA also points out that its consultation process began with players and coaches from around the world. It also explains that “fans from all countries will also be able to make their voices heard”. Gianni Infantino has promised that a decision will be announced by the end of 2021.