— Published 4 May 2023

An athletes’ commission for the CPSF

Less than 500 days before the opening of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, the French Paralympic movement is getting structured. The French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF) has just created its first Athletes’ Commission. It is composed of 15 members, all elected for an initial mandate of four years. They will represent and promote the voice of athletes in the actions and governance of the CPSF. This first class is equal in number and very diverse, with members from both Paralympic and non-Paralympic disciplines. The selection process took place in two stages: the delegating federations (Paralympic and non-Paralympic) were asked to nominate one or more athletes to form an electoral body of 46 members; then a call for applications to sit on the commission was sent to these same athletes. At the end of this procedure, and a vote organized online, the athletes’ commission is composed of 15 representatives: Nantenin Keita (athletics), Grégory Segort (adapted basketball), Marie Bochet (alpine skiing), Thomas Clarion (Nordic skiing), Gaëlle Edon (sport shooting), Moez El Assine (wheelchair fencing), Charlotte Fairbank (wheelchair tennis), Gwladys Lemoussu (triathlon), Sandrine Martinet (judo), David Smetanine (swimming), Mathieu Thomas (badminton), Thomas Walgraef (boccia) A 15th member, from the CNOSF High Level Athletes Commission, will complete the list. Two presidents, one man and one woman, will be appointed soon.