— Published 15 April 2021

Americans unveil their outfits

Strange. At D-100 days before the start of the Tokyo Games, the American brand Ralph Lauren unveiled on Wednesday, April 14th, the official uniforms of the United States delegation for the… closing ceremony. According to a brand manager, the complete outfit imagined and produced for Team USA was already ready last year, before the decision to postpone the Games. The outfits were therefore kept out of sight for over a year. For the first time, they were 100% made in the USA. A sign of the times, the materials meet new environmental standards. All the “patches”, for example, were made using so-called alternative leather, made from renewable materials. The cottons have been coloured in a more environmentally friendly process, reducing the amount of water, chemicals and energy used compared to traditional dyeing processes. Ralph Lauren has been the equipment supplier for the American delegation since the Beijing Games in 2008.