— Published 10 November 2023

Americans extend Max Seigel contract

The United States Track & Field Federation (USA Track & Field) is playing for stability. With less than 10 months to go before the Paris 2024 Games, and five years to go before Los Angeles 2028, it has decided to renew the contract of its CEO, Max Siegel (pictured above), for a further five years. Having arrived at the head of the organization in 2012, he will remain in charge until December 31, 2028. The Board of Directors didn’t seem to hesitate long before extending Max Siegel’s contract, as USATF has made spectacular progress since he took over. The organization has generated over $600 million in revenues, with a record annual budget of $40 million. Under his leadership, it has also secured 19 new partners, and signed a historic 23-year agreement with equipment manufacturer Nike.