— Published 30 March 2021

American spectators will be out of their pocket

Bad news for Americans who bought tickets for the Tokyo Games. After learning, like the rest of the world, that they would not be allowed to travel to Japan to attend the events, they have just been informed that it will be out of their pocket. The official Tokyo Games ticketing agency for the United States, CoSport, has warned customers by mail that it will only reimburse the face value of tickets and shipping costs. It will therefore keep its commission, set at 20% of the ticket price. Tokyo organisers have previously explained that they will reimburse foreign agencies and individual buyers in Japan for the face value of the tickets, but they are not responsible for the additional fees. In addition, CoSport has warned its American customers that they should not expect to see their money again for several months. They explained that the Japanese organising committee will not reimburse them for tickets purchased until the third quarter of 2021, a date before which they will not be able to begin processing reimbursement cases. Disappointed fans, on the other hand, shouldn’t have to wait before filling out a refund request. After April 9th, their request will no longer be processed.