— Published 30 May 2022

All for the 3×3

Luc Tardif, the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), is adamant that the body should step up its efforts to promote the 3×3 discipline. With a clearly stated objective: entry into the Olympic programme. The IIHF Council took advantage of its last congress, held last week on the sidelines of the Men’s World Championships in Tampere, Finland, to present the main lines of its strategic plan for the period 2022-2026, called ICE26. At the top of the list was the development of 3×3 ice hockey as an official discipline and brand. Tested at the beginning of 2020 at the Winter Youth Games in Lausanne, 3×3 could make its debut at the Winter Games from the 2030 edition, an objective regularly stated by Luc Tardif since his election last year as IIHF President. To this end, the IIHF intends to quickly enter into discussions with the IOC on the place and exposure of hockey at the Olympic Games. In its strategic plan for 2026, the body also plans to recruit a development director from this summer, launch a vast campaign to promote ice hockey, set up a better structured international calendar and create a new brand dedicated to women’s ice hockey.