— Published 1 August 2023

Albert of Monaco salutes the efforts of Paris 2024

A great accolade for the Paris 2024 OCOG. The second longest-serving member of the IOC – he joined in 1985 – Prince Albert of Monaco has taken up his pen to publish an article on the Olympic body’s website dedicated to the efforts of the Paris organisers in terms of sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. He did so in his capacity as Chairman of the Sustainability and Legacy Commission. “Paris 2024,” writes Albert of Monaco, “is setting new sustainability standards for major sporting events by encouraging energy conservation, innovation and creativity. These will be Olympic Games of a new era.” Monaco’s sovereign noted that the next Summer Games will use 100% renewable energy, mainly green electricity, but also biogas. “All sites will be connected to the grid by network operator Enedis and supplied by EDF with renewable electricity sourced from wind and solar farms,” he continues in his article, dated 31 July. “Avoiding the use of diesel generators has made it possible to reduce the equivalent of 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. These solutions will remain in place after the Games, allowing other events, in sport and beyond, to reduce their emissions too.Finally, Albert of Monaco highlighted the OCOG’s pledge regarding catering. “Organisers (…) pledge to serve 13 million meals and snacks in a more sustainable manner. The target is an average of 1kg of CO2 per meal, compared with the 2.3kg French average. Some 80 per cent of ingredients will be French, and at least 30 per cent organic. The amount of plant-based products will be doubled, while that of single-use plastic will be cut in half.”