— Published 25 January 2022

Airbnb wants athletes to travel

Global partner of the IOC since 2019, as part of the TOP marketing programme, Airbnb will distribute its largesse to athletes during the Beijing Winter Games. The IOC has announced that the California-based home rental platform is offering a travel subsidy to all athletes participating in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. Launched for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games, the programme is called Airbnb500 and will provide all Olympians and Paralympians participating in the Beijing Games with a $500 travel grant. The money can be used on the Airbnb platform to book accommodation around the world. Last year, more than 7,000 athletes benefited from the Airbnb500 grant after the Tokyo 2020 Games. The US platform also launched a nine-year programme in April 2021 that offers up to 500 athletes per year a $2,000 grant to be used for training, qualification and other travel. Airbnb is committed to the IOC and IPC through to the Los Angeles 2028 Games.