— Published 3 March 2023

Air conditioning optional in the athletes’ village

The question of the air conditioning of the rooms in the village of the athletes of the Games of Paris 2024 is rebounding. Le Parisien reports that the COJO would have chosen the option to propose to the delegations which wish it a temporary air-conditioning system, in their expenses. The air-conditioning would not be for everyone, but only for the countries which will have made the request and would agree to pay to benefit from this service. In the initial plan, the village was without air conditioning in all the team buildings, the organizers explaining that the design of the village, built with eco-responsible materials, should ensure a natural coolness in the rooms. The Parisian organizers have partially backed down. But their proposal is not to everyone’s taste. The mayor of Paris, in particular, made it known that she was not in favor of the project. Anne Hidalgo recalled that she “wishes that the Games of Paris are exemplary on the environmental level“. The elected socialist insists: “The buildings were designed to face the climate of 2050. I will not go back on these ambitions and, as president of the SOLIDEO (the Company for the delivery of Olympic works), I can guarantee that we will not change trajectory and that there will be no changes in the construction program of the village regarding air conditioning.