— Published 1 December 2022

A year of firsts

World Table Tennis, the commercial and events arm of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), has unveiled the first half of its 2023 sporting calendar for the World Table Tennis Tour (WTT Series and WTT Feeder Series). It is very unusual, one year before the Paris 2024 Games, with a whole series of firsts. In Africa, in particular, with a “Contender” tournament of the WTT Series in Durban, South Africa, host country of the World Championships in May 2023. The tour will also stop for the first time in the Nigerian capital, Lagos, for a WTT Contender tournament in June. Three other countries will host a World Tour stop for the first time, a WTT Star Contender tournament: India in Goa, Thailand in Bangkok, and Jordan in Amman.