— Published 26 January 2021

A Xi Jinping–Thomas Bach exchange

Summit meeting, Monday January 25th, between Beijing and Lausanne. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke over the phone with IOC President Thomas Bach about the preparation and organisation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. Just over a year until the event, while doubts remain about the holding of the Tokyo Summer Games, the Chinese are staying on course and want that to be known. According to an official communication from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xi Jinping would have assured Thomas Bach that China was ready to join the IOC and other countries to ensure the security and the smooth running of the Games in Tokyo and Beijing. The Asian leader stressed that his country had taken strict measures against the coronavirus. He explained that the preparation for the Beijing 2022 Games remained on the schedule, despite the health crisis. For his part, Thomas Bach replied that the IOC would work with China for a successful and safe Winter Games.