— Published 19 January 2022

A weekly review in the council of ministers

With seven months to go before the opening of the 2022 Games of La Francophonie in Kinshasa (19 to 26 August), the Congolese authorities are optimistic about the preparations for the sporting and cultural event. The government has released more than half of its contribution to the budget – 26 million euros out of the 48 million planned – and has announced that the progress of the work will be discussed each week in the Council of Ministers. As for the work, it should resume during the month of January, after a long period of waiting. Isidore Kwandja, the director of the National Committee of the Games of La Francophonie, explained to RFI: “We are working hard. As for the difficulties in the Games village, we are in the process of finding a solution. The decisions will be made and officially we will know what we are going to do. The most urgent thing is to restart the work on the playgrounds. The good news is that the contracts are being signed. The money is available to pay the companies. By the end of the month, the work will start again. We will then be able to have the playgrounds finished by the end of May.” As a reminder, the 9th edition of the Games of La Francophonie was scheduled to take place in 2021, but was postponed by one year due to the health crisis.