— Published 16 July 2021

A website for the GPCs

Paris 2024

With three years to go before the Paris 2024 Games, big maneuvers will be able to begin for the foreign delegations. The Organizing Committee announces the launch of the website referencing the Games’ Preparation Centers (GPC) selected to host the Olympic and Paralympic athletes before the event. Available at the following address: https://prepare.paris2024.org/ in English, Spanish and French, the platform lists more than 770 sports sites candidates to serve as base camps, in 410 communities. It should allow foreign delegations to plan and make their choice according to specific selection criteria: disciplines, additional options (accommodation on site, gym, sauna, infirmary, transport, accessibility…), geographical area or climate. The catalog will be updated with the newly selected centers, notably in October with the addition of sites for the preparation of additional sports (climbing, skateboarding, breaking and surfing). All French regions and almost all departments (95 out of 101) are represented.