— Published 28 May 2021

A vaccination campaign for volunteers

Tokyo vaccin

Athletes and coaches will not be the only accredited persons in Japan to benefit from a priority regime to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the Tokyo Games. Toshiro Muto, general director of the organising committee, announced during a press conference on Thursday, May 27th, that the vaccination campaign would also concern the Games’ staff, volunteers and other categories of accredited persons not directly involved in the event’s sports operations. Their selection has already begun. The vaccination of this second contingent is scheduled to begin on June, 20th. According to Toshiro Muto, the members of the Games’ staff and volunteers to be vaccinated first will be chosen for their proximity with the athletes. The Japanese Paralympic Committee also revealed on Thursday, May 27th, that it was preparing to start vaccinating around 600 people, including athletes and coaches, starting mid-June. They are expected to receive their second vaccination dose no later than on July, 24th, a month before the start of the Paralympic Games.