— Published 24 June 2021

A unique experience for spectators

Tokyo 2020

Future spectators of the Tokyo Games now know what to expect: their experience will be very special during the Olympic events. On Wednesday, June 23rd, the organising committee unveiled measures that will need to be respected on competition venues. Not surprisingly, masks must be worn in all circumstances. The public will not be allowed to cheer or loudly encourage the athletes. Nor will they be allowed to hug or high-five in the stands. Sobriety at all levels, therefore. As announced, the sale and consumption of alcohol will be prohibited. Spectators will be asked to refrain from eating and drinking in groups in the halls and stadiums. Outside the venues, they will be asked to limit their moves to the journey from their homes to the stadium, without stopping in between. Finally, they will have to try to stagger their arrivals at the venues to avoid crowds when checking tickets and temperature. Organisers have warned that offenders could be refused entry and ordered to leave.