— Published 20 November 2023

A thirteen-stop tour

In keeping with the Olympic year, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and its commercial and events arm, World Table Tennis (WTT), have beefed up the professional calendar for 2024. The WTT Contender Series will feature thirteen tournaments next year. Five of these are classified as WTT Star Contenders. They will take place in Doha in January, then in Goa (India) also in January, in Ljubljana in June, in Bangkok in July, and finally in Lanzhou (China) in September. At each of these stops on the international calendar, the prize money will reach $250,000. The WTT Star Contender tournaments will also distribute 600 world ranking points. A step down, the WTT Contender season will feature eight stages, organized in Doha, Taiyuan (China), Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Lagos, Zagreb, Tunis and Almaty. At stake for each tournament is a prize of $80,000 and 400 points for the ITTF world ranking.