— Published 26 April 2021

A stage of the relay crossed off the map

Predictable. The Olympic torch relay saw its first cancellation on Friday (April 23rd), with the announcement by the Okinawa Prefecture authorities that the May 2nd stage in Miyakojima could not take place. The relay organising committee in Okinawa Prefecture explained that the route into the city was cancelled altogether. No alternative date has been proposed. The island city is therefore wiped off the relay map, a first since the departure of the Olympic flame on March 25th from Fukushima prefecture. The main island of Okinawa, where several regions are subject to very strict measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, will also organise the passing of the torch away from public roads. But the torchbearers planned for Miyakojima will not have the opportunity to participate, the authorities wanting to reduce travel within the prefecture as much as possible.