— Published 24 November 2021

A shortfall of 8 billion euros


The figure speaks volumes. According to a survey commissioned by the main national football leagues, FIFA’s plan for a World Cup every two years would result in a loss of revenue of €8 billion per season. The economic study was carried out by two consultancy firms, KPMG and Delta Partners. It concerns the five major European leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France), but also the American MLS and the Mexican, Japanese and South African leagues. It was consulted exclusively by Reuters. According to its conclusions, a World Cup every other year would lead to a reduction in the number of teams competing, a drop in the clubs’ income from television rights, marketing and ticketing, but also a decrease in viewer interest in the matches. The study calculated that the world’s 40 biggest domestic leagues and UEFA club competitions, such as the Champions League, stand to lose up to €5 billion per season in TV rights, more than a third of their current revenues. Total revenue from TV rights would fall from over €14 billion to around €9 billion.