— Published 31 January 2023

A scandal worth over $300 million

The investigation continues in Japan into suspected corruption related to the Tokyo 2020 Games. The revelations are multiplying. According to a source “close to the case“, quoted by the Kyodo News agency, the amount of contracts awarded by the organising committee to private service providers for test events and certain Olympic competitions, following presumed rigged invitations to tender, would amount to 40 billion yen, or more than 300 million dollars. According to the same source, several event agencies or specialised service providers were guaranteed a contract for an Olympic event if their bid for a test event was successful. Investigators have identified 26 tenders for test events or Olympic competitions where contracts were awarded through a rigged process. According to several sources, half of these award procedures received only one bid. The selection of potential contractors was entrusted by Tokyo 2020 to the Dentsu agency. Its officials initially denied the allegations, but later retracted their statements and admitted possible collusion.