— Published 31 May 2023

A rival for David Haggerty

A battle is brewing at the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The ITF has announced that two men have submitted their candidatures for the presidency in good time. The incumbent, American David Haggerty, will be seeking a third consecutive term. But he will have to ward off a rival, Germany’s Dietloff von Arnim (pictured above). The election will take place at the ITF’s next General Assembly on September 24 in Cancun, Mexico. For his first re-election, in 2019, David Haggerty had already had to fight hard to beat three other candidates, India’s Anil Khanna, Ireland’s Dave Miley and the Czech Republic’s Ivo Kaderka. This time, he will have just one opponent, but it promises to be a strong one. President of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) for the past two years, Dietloff von Arnim has long been the director of the World Team Cup, a tournament held in his home town of Düsseldorf.y