— Published 26 July 2022

A program for Ledecky and McLaughlin

Two years after the Paris 2024 Games, on Tuesday July 26, the revelation by the organizing committee of the detailed calendar, by events, of the Olympic appointment can give ideas to two of the presumed stars of the American delegation: the swimmer Katie Ledecky and the athlete Sydney McLaughlin (photo above). In swimming, the competition schedule proposed by the OCOG and FINA could allow Katie Ledecky to compete in the same five events as at the Tokyo 2020 Games – 200, 400, 800, 1500m and 4x200m – without ever having to swim twice in the same session. She would begin her Games on July 27 with the heats (morning) and final (evening) of the 400m. She would finish on August 3, with the 800m final. In the meantime, she would have swum every day, but with a program not obliging her to give up one of her distances. In track and field, Sydney McLaughlin can also dream big. The program unveiled by the OCOG may allow her to consider doubling up in the 400m and 400m hurdles. In Eugene, last week, the American not only pulverized the world record of the 400 m hurdles (50 sec 68), she also completed the last relay of the 4×400 m in 47 sec 91, the fastest time for the last lap of the track for more than thirty years. At the Paris 2024 Games, if she decided to double, Sydney McLaughlin would start on August 4, with the heats of the 400 m hurdles. She would finish on August 10, by the final of the 4×400 m. In the meantime, she would be on the track every day, but without having to compete in two races in the same day.