— Published 30 August 2023

A president re-elected in prison

Unexpected. AFP reports that the president of the Malian Football Federation was re-elected for a new four-year term on Tuesday August 29, even though he is currently in detention. Mamoutou Touré, known as Bavieux, who has been at the head of Malian soccer since 2019, was charged and imprisoned on August 9 for “infringement of public property“. The facts date back to the time when he held the position of financial director of the National Assembly. His detention should normally have deprived him of his mandate, and even more so prevented him from extending his lease as president of the federation. However, in his absence, he was re-elected at the association’s general meeting, with 61 votes out of a total of 63 delegates present. The victory was a foregone conclusion, with Mamoutou Touré leading the only list in competition, after all the others had been invalidated by the federation. Faced with such a parody of democracy, several delegates left the general meeting to protest against the invalidation of their list.