— Published 23 April 2021

A positive case on the course of the flame

First case of COVID-19 on the Olympic Torch Relay route. It concerns a police officer present among the security forces last week, during the passing of the torch in western Japan. The 30-year-old policeman led traffic last Saturday in Naoshima City, Kagawa Prefecture. The next day, he felt very tired and revealed symptoms of COVID-19. So he took a test, which came back positive. But, according to the organising committee for the Tokyo Games, he was not in contact with other participants in the Olympic torch relay, his scope of intervention having isolated him from torchbearers and management. Departing on March 25th from Fukushima prefecture, the torch relay has already been repeatedly diverted from its original route, due to health risks, but it had never yet recorded a positive case for the coronavirus.