— Published 3 December 2020

A new jackpot of $5.2 million

Witold Bańka, President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), can rub his hands: his budget has just experienced a strong growth spurt. It owes this to additional financial contributions from the governments of Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt and India. Total amount: $2.6 million. Not bad. This boost, in addition to annual government contributions, will be allocated to WADA’s scientific research and intelligence and investigative activities. Knowing that the additional contributions provided by governments are doubled by the IOC, WADA is thus left with a jackpot of $5.2 million more for its annual budget. The Indian government has pledged an additional $1 million, Saudi Arabia $500,000 and Egypt $100,000, while WADA has already received the $992,694 pledged by the Chinese government. These four countries are not at their first attempt, they have all made additional contributions to WADA in the past. In the last four years, apart from this specific initiative, WADA has also received additional contributions from the governments of Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Denmark, France, Japan, Kuwait , Poland and the United States, as well as the three different levels of government in Canada. In Switzerland, the city of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud have also contributed to these additional contributions.