— Published 3 April 2023

A new cap for Feisal of Jordan

There is no doubt about it: Prince Feisal al Hussein of Jordan (pictured above) is one of the men on the rise at the IOC. Already a member of the Executive Board, and President of the Jordanian Olympic Committee, he has just accepted another hat by being appointed by Thomas Bach to chair a new working group of the body, responsible for coordinating protection measures within the Olympic movement. Feisal al Hussein had already been chosen to lead the IOC working group on the prevention of harassment and abuse in sport. In that capacity, he oversaw a comprehensive assessment of all international summer and winter Olympic sports federations in October 2022 to determine the current state of protection and identify key challenges. Feisal al Hussein, aged 59, joined the IOC in 2010. He became a member of the Executive Board in 2019.