— Published 30 November 2020

A new calendar for the pre-Olympic events

After the announcement time, the Tokyo Games Organising Committee gets down to business. Last weekend, they unveiled the new calendar of pre-Olympic events, the “test events”, for the year 2021. It concerns 18 disciplines, Olympic and Paralympic, including athletics, swimming (running, synchro, diving and water polo), basketball (3×3), volleyball, gymnastics, cycling (track and BMX), rugby, shooting, and skateboarding. The first pre-Olympic events are scheduled for late winter (March 4-7, 2021), with the Olympic synchronised swimming qualifying tournament at the Tokyo Aquatic Center. They will continue throughout the spring. Note the presence on the calendar of a pre-Olympic marathon in Sapporo, despite the prior organisation of a “test event” of the discipline in Tokyo, before the decision of the IOC to relocate the race to the island of Hokkaido. Its date has yet to be set.