— Published 26 January 2023

A mixed system for the media

The details are not yet known, but the rule is set: the media will have to use public transport to get to the competition sites of the Paris 2024 Games. All the media. The announcement had been made by the organizing committee, last October, to the representatives of the written press and the photographers during the World Press Briefing. Questioned Wednesday January 25 by a journalist of NBC News in press conference, Etienne Thobois, the general manager of the COJO, confirmed that the rule would also apply to the broadcasters. A “mixed” transport system will be put in place for accredited media. It will favor the use of public transport – metro or RER – with dedicated buses to go to certain sites. But Etienne Thobois said: “In some cases, it will be faster to use public transport, especially to get to the Défense Arena, site of the swimming race, from Porte Maillot where the main press center will be located. Faster, no doubt, but not always easy at peak times for journalists carrying a camera and audiovisual equipment. As Etienne Thobois explained, the OCOG teams are currently working on the development of tools – guides or applications – to help the media calculate their travel times and find the best transport option.