— Published 25 April 2023

A mass agreement with the river companies

The OCOG Paris 2024 raised a new corner of the veil, Monday, April 24, on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It announced that it has made a deal with 42 river companies. According to the terms of the agreement, they will provide their Parisian and regional boats to transport the delegations on the Seine. In total, no less than 116 boats have already been identified. The vast majority (98%) will be provided to the OCOG by companies from the Paris region. But an Alsatian company, Batorama, has managed to slip into the scheme. The first French tour boat company outside of Paris, based in Strasbourg, it transports nearly 800,000 visitors per year to discover the sites of the Alsatian capital. On Friday July 26, 2024, Batorama will be present with four of its boats.