— Published 23 March 2023

A line of clothing with Olympic colors

It’s new: the IOC is getting into the clothing business. The body announces the launch, since Wednesday, March 22, of its very first Olympic collection. It claims to have a “timeless style” and offers everyday clothing, from hoodies to T-shirts. Each product is stamped with the Olympic rings, as expected, but also features some “details that sports enthusiasts and athletes know“, such as the mottos: “records are made to be broken” and “faster, higher, stronger – together“. Classy. The IOC makes it clear: the Olympic Collection apparel is part of its global licensing program, established as part of the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations to “strengthen and promote the Olympic brand throughout the year.” The new Olympic collection is available through the online sales site shop.olympics.com. Operated by the IOC, it can be accessed in most countries except Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Libya, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, North Korea, Syria and Ukraine.