— Published 17 June 2021

A limit of 10,000 spectators per venue

Tokyo 2020

With just a few days to go before the announcement of the number of spectators at the Tokyo Games, rumours are thriving in Japan. According to sources close to the case, the federal government is considering limiting the number of people at the Olympic and Paralympic Games competition venues to 10,000. Such a large number of people could ensure a certain atmosphere in indoor venues, especially at the swimming pool, even though spectators will be forbidden to sing, shout or cheer the athletes by voice. But 10,000 people in the Olympic stadium, for the ceremonies and athletics events, could ring hollow. The decision is expected to be clarified after final discussions between the organising committee, Tokyo city officials, federal authorities, the IOC and the IPC, no later than next week. The end of the state of emergency is announced for June 20th in Tokyo. The announcement of the decision on public attendance is expected to be made no later than Thursday, June 24th, one month and one day before the opening ceremony.