— Published 5 April 2023

A letter that revives the soap opera

The soap opera continues at the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF). It is taking an increasingly unexpected turn, without really leaning towards appeasement. The president of the body, Brigitte Henriques (photo above), invited the media to a press conference on Tuesday 4 April. Accompanied by one of her lawyers, she wished to “take stock” of the various cases in progress, including the recent opening of two investigations by the Brigade de répression de la délinquance aux personnes (BRDP), following the cross-complaints lodged by Brigitte Henriques and the former secretary general of the CNOSF, Didier Séminet. Facing journalists, the president of the body repeated that she wants to put an end to the cabal of which she considers herself a victim since her election in June 2021. “It must stop“, she insisted. So far, nothing very new. But the media exercise reserved a surprise with the revelation by Brigitte Henriques of a letter sent a few days ago by the former president of the CNOSF, Denis Masseglia, to the treasurer of the body, Michel Callot, and the secretary general, Astrid Guyart. Its content has not been disclosed, but it would concern an affair dating back to the time when Brigitte Henriques was vice-president of the French Football Federation (FFF). A Danish website had accused her of having supported an FFF executive convicted of moral and sexual harassment. Brigitte Henriques filed a complaint against the author of the article. The letter sent by Denis Masseglia motivated the emergency meeting of the CNOSF executive board, where Brigitte Henriques had to, in her own words, “give an account“. Contacted, Denis Masseglia refused to comment.