— Published 25 March 2022

A job offer for an Ethics Officer

World Rugby is recruiting. But this time, the position is still to be filled. The international body has announced that it is in the process of appointing its “Independent Ethics Officer”, a role that has not yet been filled in the world of the oval ball. His role will be to “promote the adoption of World Rugby’s Code of Integrity, which was one of the key outcomes of its recent governance review.” As the title suggests, the Independent Ethics Officer will be able to act independently of World Rugby at all times. His responsibilities include both assessing the eligibility of individuals to be appointed as World Rugby officials, and investigating potential breaches of the Code of Integrity. The body, chaired by Bill Beaumont of England, says it is looking for candidates with a “high level of expertise in investigative, regulatory and ethical procedures”. But applicants must not already hold a position within a rugby body, a requirement that is supposed to guarantee their independence.